What is an Registered Veterinary Technician? 

An RVT, or Registered Veterinary Technologist, is a highly trained individual, and is well versed in many areas of veterinary medicine including anesthesia, nutrition, animal behaviour, diagnostic laboratory testing, radiography, emergency medicine, and public education. Technologists are an integral part of the veterinary team and work together with veterinarians to provide excellent patient nursing care, diagnostics and treatment services. Technologists also work in other animal and welfare related areas such as:

  • research institutions
  • government services
  • pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
  • zoos
  • educational institutions
  • feedlot operations
  • humane societies and law enforcement
  • equine training facilities
  • ranching and dairy operations

RVTs have successfully completed an accredited program of study in Veterinary Technology.

Technologists also have the opportunity to become highly trained in special skills such as rehabilitative therapy, dentistry, anesthesia, emergency or other recognized veterinary technology speciality fields


A Registered Veterinary Technician "RVT" is a designated and protected title in the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It may only be used by persons who have:

  • Successfully graduated from an accredited Animal Health Technician/Technology, Veterinary Technician/Technology Program
  • Written and passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam
  • Met all registration requirements of their regulatory body in their province of employment
  • Registered and continue to be members in good standing of their provincial association
  • Met the mandatory Continuing Education requirements of 15 hours per membership year