Jul 19/19
RVT Talk July 2019

July 2019
RVTTC News & Updates
2019 RVTTC Travel Bursary is now receiving applications!!!

Apply now before July 31, 2019 - This initiative was created to provide funds for RVTs who may want to expand their professional knowledge or skills as an RVT and require additional financial support to attend a conference or continuing education activity.


RVTTC Travel bursary – news launch

2018 RVTTC Travel Bursary winner Trina Legge RVT shares her story:

MY story is one of depression, desperation, transformation, and acceptance. I am extremely grateful to the RVTTC for the Travel Bursary. I had planned to use it to gain and share information and insights on low-cost spay/neuter programs, First Nations bylaws, injectable anesthesia protocols and the RECOVER CPR certification at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas in February 2019. What I took away from the conference was way more valuable to me personally, and possibly saved my Vet Med career.

Reducing Weight to Increase Life Span

The most recent Canadian pet population data shows that pet ownership is on the rise: 41% of households have at least one dog and 28% have at least one cat (CAHI 2019). Also on the rise is the prevalence of pet obesity: a recent survey study (APOP 2018) estimates that 59.5% of cats and 55.8% of dogs are overweight or obese.

Registrations for the 36th World Veterinary Association Congress are officially open!

WVAC2020 - Register now!


Kia ora WVA Members!

Guess what?

Registrations for the 36th World Veterinary Association Congress are officially open!

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(MVMA) Manitoba Veterinarians vote to ban non-medically necessary cat declawing

Manitoba veterinarians voted overwhelmingly to ban the practice of cat declawing.

Manitoba is the sixth province in Canada that has banned the practice of non-medically necessary partial digital amputation (PDA), better known as cat declawing. Alberta banned it in March, Newfoundland and Labrador banned it January 1, and British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia banned it in 2018.

Industry Updates
The World Health Organization officially recognizes workplace ‘burnout’ as an occupational phenomenon

For the first time, the WHO has officially classified workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon in its latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

Statistics on Heartworm and Lyme disease in Canada

Are you interested in up to date statistics on Heartworm and Lyme disease in Canada?Click hereto Check it out!

WSAVA / CVMA - Global Veterinary Community / Canadian Veterinary Medical Association: News & Updates
WSAVA Bulletin

Click hereto read the June 24, 2019 bulletinfrom the World Small Veterinary Association. Information on the upcoming General Assembly, RVTTC is excited to be attending for the first time as an affiliate member.

CVMA Newsletter -Canada bans bestiality and animal fighting (Bill C-84 has been passed into Law)

It is now official!!! This law is two-fold. It broadens the definition of bestiality in the Criminal Code by making any sexual contact with an animal illegal. One of the groundbreaking provisions is that those convicted of engaging in a sexual act with an animal will be listed on the National Sex Offender Registry, protecting animals and other vulnerable members of our society, such as children.

Animal Health Week 2019

CVMA's Animal Health Week Online Ordering is Now Open!

You can now order 2019 Animal Health Week merchandise here:
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You can print an Animal Health Week PDF order formhereif you are unable to order online.

CVMA News Release - African Swine Fever - Services and Information from CFIA

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has developed a series of services and information (including toolkits) with respect to mitigating African Swine Fever (ASF) for various stakeholder groups including producers, importers, and travellers.

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs.

Click here to learn more on the ASF Forum Framework

EVTA – Eastern Veterinary Technicians Association : News & Updates
Our EVTA 30thanniversaryconference just wrapped up in Truro Nova Scotia and was a huge success!


Thank you to all that were involved to make it happen and to those that registered!

We kicked off with dinner and awards. We presented tech of the year to one RVT from each province. Nova Scotia winner was Amy Birchall RVT and our New Brunswick winner was Jacqueline Dug¬uay RVT. Both were there to receive their awards. Newfoundland winner was Stephanie Oliver RVT who could not make it but was presented her award by fellow EVTA board members Michele Sheppard and Tammy MacLeod. Our PEI winner was Ben Little RVT who was unable to attend. We also presented a brand-new award - the "Laurel Macintosh" award. Laurel has taught many of us and has been our mentor and coach in so many ways. She will decide the standards for future winners.

Shannon Brownrigg RVT, our RVTTC ED attended and spoke during our supper. Dr. Ernie Prowse helped us celebrate representing the APVC committee. We ended the night with our keynote speaker Kathleen Dunbar BA, RVT, VTS (Clinical Practice-Canine/Feline). She gave an amazing talk reminding us why we should be so proud of our profession.

Saturday was a day of CE with our own Veterinary Technician Specialists speaking on various topics.

Topics included anesthesia, dentistry, post-op care, and pearls of wisdom for RVTs. We ended the day with a round table discussion with our speakers discussing their journey obtaining their specialty and they answered the many questions we had. We also had a trade show with our industry reps showing us their newest products and info.

All in all, it was a great weekend to see old friends and teachers and have a great time learning.


EVTA RVT Of Year Presentations

EVTA RVTs of the year awards were presented at the 30th-anniversary conference on June 14th in Truro Nova Scotia.


Stephanie Oliver RVT winner for NewfoundlandPresented to her by Tammy MacLeod RVT VTS and Michele Sheppard RVT


Jacqueline Duguay RVT winner for New BrunswickPresented to her by Kelly Cormier RVT


Amy Birchall RVT winner for Nova ScotiaPresented to her by Laura Montgomery RVT and Joye Sears RVT


OAVT - Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians : News & Updates
OAVT 2020 Conference Call for Speakers

OAVT 2020 Conference Call for Speakers - Are you an RVT or DVM with an interesting topic (or several topics!) to share with RVTs? The OAVT 2020 Conference is gearing up for another exciting event full of great CE content. If you're interested in speaking at OAVT 2020 (March 5-7 in Niagara Falls), submit your proposal(s) by July 15th!Click Here

OAVT 2019 Ottawa Symposium - Content details announced!

Ottawa Symposium - Content details have been announced for the 2019 Ottawa Symposium. To view the details, visitwww.oavt.org/ottawa. And be sure to register before September 1st to take advantage of early bird rates.

The OAVT’s “How To Best Utilize an RVT” series

The OAVT’s “How To Best Utilize an RVT” series continues with a look at Research RVTs. Check out “How to Best Utilize a Research RVT” featuring Mary Fowler, RVT, RLAT and Laura Kent, RVT, RMLAT.Click hereto view the new poster.

And to view the other posters in this ongoing series, visit ourwebsite.

MVTA – Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association: News & Updates
MVTA Announcement:

On May 25th, President Melanie Browning RVT attended the Red River College Veterinary Technologist graduation BBQ in Assiniboine Park, welcoming new grads to the profession. The MVTA would like to congratulate all new RVTs on completing the program and welcome you to the profession. We would also like to congratulate all award/bursary winners. A special shout out to Krista Chorneyko, MVTA’s Compassionate Care Award winner and Angela Martin, RVTTC and Petplan's Top Dog Award winner.


SAVT – Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists: News & Updates
SAVT Conference Update

We are excited to announce that our conference is jam-packed and those who attend can receive up to 15 CE credits in one weekend! We have already announced Dr. Kathy Keil and Jennie TaitAHT, RVT, VTS (Dermatology) will be presenting at the conference. We look forward to seeing every November 1-3, 2019, in Saskatoon.




The SAVT is excited to launch a blog!


The SAVT is excited to launch a blog! The blog is meant to share ideas, innovations, and perspectives for RVTs in Saskatchewan and throughout North America. All associations, organizations, and individuals are welcome to contribute content to the blog and we look forward to creating a space dedicated to RVTs and those in the veterinary community. All the content you want to share can be sent tosavt@savt.ca.

ABVTA – Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association : News & Updates
2018/2019 ABVTA Award Recipients

The ABVTA would like to extend its congratulations to the 2018 ABVTA Service Award Recipients:

  • ABVTA Appreciation Award - Ms. Tracey Ruzicka, RVT
  • ABVTA Meritorious Service Award - Ms. Karen Melnyk, RVT
  • Lucille Landals Emerging Leader Award - Ms. Heather McGrath, RVT

The ABVTA would also like to extend its congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 ABVTA Student Awards:

  • NAIT - Ms. Victoria Seeger and Ms. Brittany Baldock
  • Lakeland College - Ms. Haylie-Ann Lafrance and Ms. Kirby Zimmer
  • Olds College - Ms. Jacqueline Jorsvick, Ms. Pamela Veldman and Ms. Kristine Piche
  • GPRC-Fairview Campus - Ms. Madison Williams and Ms. Kaylee Shmyruk


ABVTA Welcomes Dr. Marty Becker

We had a wonderful time celebrating with RVTs from all across Canada at our 40th Anniversary Conference on May 4th and 5th, with over 300 attendees, it was a great event! We are looking forward to continuing the celebration in October when we are excited to host Dr. Marty Becker as our pre-AGM speaker! This event is held in conjunction with the CanWest Veterinary Conference in Banff. Registration will open soon!www.ABVTA.com

BCVTA – British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association : News & Updates
BCVTA June Update

June kept our BCVTA Board busy attending a couple of events to help promote our hashtag #askforRVTs. What we learned at these events was that the public, in general, does not know if their pets are being cared for by an RVT when they visit their clinics. Our mission as RVTs needs to be to educate the public on what an RVT is and why they need to ask for one each and every time they go to their clinic.

One event had members at a winery for "The Dog Days of Summer". Here we learned that many people were very surprised to find out that the people caring for their pets in a veterinary clinic may not be RVTs. Hopefully, many of them will now be asking for an RVT when they visit their clinics next!


Heather Shannon RVT and Tina Douglas RVT educating the public on what an RVT is

A second event was the “SPCA Animal Behaviour Science Symposium”. This event had a lot of dog trainers attending as well as clinic staff. Hopefully, the trainers will also be asking for an RVT when they next visit a veterinary clinic and educating their clients on why they should ask for an RVT when they visit their clinics.


Denise Hitt RVT and Brynne Trites RVT

Our next public event will be on August 25th at the “Pet-a-Palooza - Day of the Dog" in Yaletown, Vancouver. It will likely be a hot day but hopefully a great opportunity to continue to educate pet owners on the importance of asking for an RVT so that they have well-educated staff working with their beloved family members in the veterinary clinic.

Our next conference will be in Burnaby on October 27th- a few of our speakers will be:

  • Ivana Novosel RVT will be discussing Employments Standards- Ivana facilitated this topic in Kamloops at our Spring conference with a guest lawyer speaker- it was very informative and well received- a follow-up session was requested and we are happy to be able to offer it at this conference!
  • Jennie Tait RVT, VTS(Derm) will present on cytology and other RVT Derm skills
  • Dr. Ian Sandler will be talking about Cannabis
  • Jolene Watson RVT will be presenting on Time Management- boy don’t we all need help on this one?

Interesting topics with engaging speakers- Hope to see you there!

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RVT Position in Medicine Hat, Alberta Cypress View Veterinary Clinic CVVCAsset 19-100.jpg

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