Code of Ethics of EVTA

  • 1. Conduct characterizing a person of probity is expected of all members.
  • 2. It is the duty of all members of the Association to conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Ethics.
  • 3. No member shall indulge in an illegal veterinary practice or encourage others to participate in such practice, and it is the duty of the member to report such violations.
  • 4. When working under the supervision of a veterinarian in a commercial operation, the employer and not clientele must pay technicians.
  • 5. Veterinary technicians shall up hold the bylaws/regulations of his/her province which apply to the technician’s responsibilities as a member of the veterinary medical health care team.
  • 6. Ethical standards are never less than those required by law; frequently, they are morestringent.
  • 7. The Code of Ethics shall be subject to review and timely revision by the Board of Directors. 

  • 1. Veterinary technicians shall aid society and animals through providing excellent care and services for animals.
  • 2. Veterinary technicians shall prevent and relieve suffering of animals to the best of their ability.
  • 3. Veterinary technicians shall promote public health by assisting with the control of zoonotic diseases and informing the public about these diseases.
  • 4. Veterinary technicians shall assume accountability for individual professional actions and judgements.
  • 5. Veterinary technicians shall protect confidential information provided by clients.
  • 6. Veterinary technicians shall safeguard the public and profession against individuals who are deficient, unprofessional, incompetent or unethical.
  • 7. Veterinary technicians shall assist with efforts to ensure conditions of employment consistent with excellent care for animals.
  • 8. Veterinary technicians shall remain competent in veterinary medicine through a commitment to lifelong learning and make every effort to keep abreast of current advancements in the veterinary field.
  • 9. Veterinary technicians shall collaborate with members of the veterinary medical profession in efforts to ensure quality health care services for all animals.
  • 1. It is the duty of the member to promptly reply to all correspondence from the Association.
  • 2. A breach of the Code of Ethics is deemed to be conduct injurious to the Objectives of the Association.
  • 3. A breach of this code will result in a reprimand, fine or termination of membership.

The Professional Deportment section of the Code of Ethics of the Eastern Veterinary Technicians’ Association has been adopted, with written permission from the originator of the document from the North American Veterinary Technicians’ Association.